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light stripes

These "Light Stripes" to be used for multiple purposes for all your lighting applications in G-scale (or O-scale) 7 LEDS warmwhite with white coating give an even well lit interior of your cars or buildings lighting is constant at low speed or high speed, brightness is adjustable

  • length: 230mm / 9 inches
  • width: 8mm / 0.3 inches
  • thickness: 2mm / 0.09 inches

  • mounting
  • double sided tape or use can hot glue
  • drill holes to fit to LGB standard mounting
  • presoldered leads

  • power supply
  • 7 to 24 Volts - DC, AC or MTS DCC
  • cuurrent consumption about 20..40 mA in total (depending on adjusted brightness)
  • standard capacitor can be connected for anti flickering

  • Call, fax or email us for our low, low price on these light strips